Sean Oliver’s Kayfabe Podcast

Episode 028 - Howard Stern Intern Steve Grillo Shares His Baked Potato Recipe

May 3, 2020

Howard Stern fans know he is one of the most private, secretive enigma's in entertainment. Who would know the inside dish on him better than his former intern Steve Grillo--better known as Gorilla, baked potato prep man extraordinaire. We're not kidding...this guy had Howard's second book dedicated to him solely for his ability to prepare Howard's frigging potato. Sean delves into this with the depth and precision of a mental patient sifting for grays in his pubes.

The Howard Stern Show was always filled with idiosyncratic personalities, warring with each other, goofing on each other, and Grillo has the inside track on the show's Golden Years. Sean is a maniacal fan of Classic Stern (the non-douchebag years) so he and Steve chop it up Old School about the show that changed radio forever, here on another episode of the podcast that has done nothing.

Plus, singers serenading us during the virus sequestering and your questions for Sean. Check it!





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